Ryan Duchatel - Total Immersion Diving & JJ CCR's - S02 E17

Ryan Duchatel - Total Immersion Diving & JJ CCR's - S02 E17

What a great way to round out Season 2 of the show - Expanding on our look at the Technical side of recreational diving, I'm joined by Ryan Duchatel, JJ CCR Trimix Instructor, cave diver and co-owner of Total Immersion Diving based in Newcastle , Australia.

I've found many recreational divers are curious about the tech divers out there and the complex equipment they use.  It seems to be a bit of a dark art and I've regularly heard comments along the lines of "It's for people wanting to dive deep" or "that it is too complex and expensive for me".  The reality is very much to the contrary, technical diving is for anyone who wishes to extend their dives, either in time, depth, range or all of the above. 

Ryan talks about the evolution of Total Immersion Diving and provides us with great detail on how a  closed circuit rebreather works and  the many advantages that they provide, such as being able to get closer to wildlife, warmer diving, longer NDL's at all depths, variable partial pressure 

Ryan's Links:
totalimmersiondiving.com.au (https://www.totalimmersiondiving.com.au/)
rebreathers.com.au (https://www.rebreathers.com.au/)

Total Immersion Diving - Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/totalimmersiondiving)
Ryans Pro page - Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/JJCCRau)
Ryans personal page - Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/jjccraus)

We gave a shout out to the Behind The Mask (https://www.facebook.com/behindthemask.divestories) team during the show as they are supporting and calling for support from you to ban shark finning in the EU,  please follow the link and sign the petition (EU nationals only) Link to the petition (https://eci.ec.europa.eu/012/public/#/screen/home)

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