Nicholas Remy - The Underwater Club

Nicholas Remy - The Underwater Club

Are you fascinated by the intricacies of underwater photography? Join me in welcoming Nicolas Remy, a renowned underwater photographer and the brains behind The Underwater Club, as we delve into this captivating art form.

Nicolas, along with his wife Lena, initially captivated my attention with their breathtaking photos and their use of rebreathers during dives. Rebreather diving for marine photography seems like a natural fit, offering extended dive times, serene silence, and the ability to approach subjects closely without disruption. In this episode, Nicolas shares insights into their preferred rebreathers, the Revo and Horizon, and highlights the benefits they provide.

Beyond capturing stunning shots, Nicolas is passionate about teaching and simplifying complex topics for others. Having left the corporate world behind, he has dedicated the past 18 months to refining The Underwater Club and its offerings. This platform fosters two-way communication and is brimming with Nicolas' expertise, accessible to all club members through various channels, including personalized coaching.

An accomplished writer, Nicolas has contributed content to esteemed publications such as Scuba Diver magazine, Narked at 90, WETPIXEL, and OZ Diver.

Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of The Underwater Club's website, where you can sign up for the newsletter and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. Join us in the studio as Nicolas shares his journey from his first discover scuba dive on Kangaroo Island to achieving global recognition for his underwater photography and establishing The Underwater Club.




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The Underwater Club with Nicolas Remy
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