Mike Mason - The Human Diver, Australia

Mike Mason - The Human Diver, Australia

With over 20 years as a fighter pilot under his belt, Mike Mason currently teaches pilots of the Australian Air Force how to hone their skills and use the aircraft they are flying as a weapons platform. Human Factors is used on a daily basis to achieve the goals these men strive for, so its fair to say that Human Factors is pretty much second nature to Mike. Armed with this and Gareth Lock introducing HF to the diving industry; Mike touched base with Gareth and began to learn about the Human Diver and how he could get involved.

Initially learning to dive in the UK, Mike now works in his spare time as a Dive Master at Lets Go Dive Adventures, Nelson Bay. Following Gareth's tutorage he is also now part of the Human Diver instructional team and is bringing Human Factors to Australia.

Mike has planned a FREE introductory zoom meeting on Thursday 17th Feb at 7:30pm (AEDT) for anyone wishing to learn more about what Human Factors is and how you can get involved in the courses that Mike will be providing.  

Click here for the link to Mikes intro commencing 730pm, 17th Feb.

The Human Diver - Mikes biography
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